Thursday, July 5, 2007

Live video broadcast (disabled july 11 2007)

At this moment I test a way to broadcast a live videostream. Enjoy and tell me if you like it.


Geoff Beale said...

That's great Peter. You are a long way in front of the other swift webcams. Many thanks for giving us this opportunity to really see what is happening on the nest. I hope the experimental live feed becomes a permanent feature.


Geoff Beale

Mark Smyth said...

Peter looks great to me. Next year I plan to have a camera inside at least one of my boxes

N Ireland

Birdnut said...

Now this really is fantastic! Shame you didn't find this earlier on.

Peter Middelkoop said...

Peter Middelkoop zei...
@birdnut: This service is just about 35 days available. So I'm an early bird so to speak :-) Glad you like it.

it sometimes shut off for no reason. So it could be "of air sometimes. But as soon as I see that, I will put it back online.