Thursday, May 8, 2008

Free-style wrestling

The webcamnest you'r looking at is at the frontside of our house. At the backyardside is also a similar place where swifts can fly under the rooftyles but this is for pro's only. A large tree blocks the approach route, so to speak. But nevertheless the last few days there was some action also.

This evening a bit more then earlier this week. While it was dark already, I still could here swifts scream and I also thought I hear some noise of wings flapping at the flat roof of our build-out.

When I climbed up I could see two swifts, in free-style wrestling action. They must have fallen down in a fight over this great place to build a nest. One let go and stumbled to the edge of the roof and fel down. A 3 meter drop was enough for him to gain speed en fly away. As I said. This spot is for pro's only.

The other could not manage to fly away so I had to pick him up. A great opportunity to make some pictures. It was not my first handheld swift but it still is a beautifull sight to see a swift so upclose. No roboswift can compare to that.

A short inspection tells me he is alright. So from 3m high I throw him with a gentle bow up in the air. In the light of a torch I can see him fly away. He disappears silently in the dark night.

I wonder if there will be that much action over this spot again tomorrow. After all, it's a great place there by that tree.

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