Sunday, April 25, 2010

All things must end...

From now on this weblog won't show any live videocam anymore. Please enjoy earlier posts and recorded video. If you like to see al the prerecorded video's please click here. Or use the blog archive on the left to read earlier posts.


Anonymous said...


Peter said...

It's just because the camera broke down this season and I wouldn't disturb the birds repairing the camera. Simple. Maybe next season a new chance.

ulo said...

Dear Peter!
Thank you very much for your great channel! We watched your video with great pleasure, thank you. Unfortunately, we have not seen before live broadcast. Wish you ever fix the webcam.
We love all animals, birds, and always help them. This summer, we picked up a three-week nestling Swift dropped out and fell in love with this bird! This is an amazing creation! We reared and released it to the will of a few days later, as the swifts flew, and now worried about his fate.
We wish you good health, good luck in everything.

Nina and Igor,
Moscow, Russia