Wednesday, April 25, 2007

lonely, yet not alone

New common swifts are seen all over the country. They are registered by birdwatchers on a website called The birds arrive in small groups and the "big return of the swift 2007" hasn't started yet. The weather is not to blame: it's to hot for the time of year and there are lots of insects available. So the sky is a rich dish for them. These evening there where three swifts flying above my neighbourhood. This webcam-guy (or girl) did not "pick up " one of them so he stays alone in his comfortable nest. space enough. Looked at by about 130 visitors a day. Luckily he don't know that. Would you sleep for a minute if you did?


oriana said...

oh dear!! so sweety!!!! :-)


Peter said...

yes, Aint he/she sweet?