Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sleeping on the wing

It seems that we are dealing here with a "wingsleeper". As you might know, the non- breeders of a swift colony sleep at a hight of about 1,5 km up in the sky. Yesterday evening the bird returned after a night outside, this night around 22:00, the bird was still not in.
Today it was the first time that a "crowd" of three swifts flew very noisy around the block. They seem to have a lot of fun chasing eachother, although they still are the only three of the colony that returned. If the rest of the group keep the same travel scedual as last year, there will be around 20 birds here in about a week. There has to be some company Between them for our little friend, don'nt you think so?
While waiting for him te reapear you can watch the video's on the site.

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