Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Is he tired of waiting?

For the third night in a row the Aalsmeer Swift webcamnest stays empty. It looks like our early friend (he arrived at april 19) is tired of waiting for it’s partner. In the year 2005 they arrived together on the same day. In 2006 there were two days between the arrival of both birds. This year it seems that the partner did not manage to arrive on time.

Appearantly there is no reason for the First bird to stay on the nest at night. Maybe it found another partner and moved to another nest. Maybe it sleeps on the wing until a new partner arrives.

The webcam stays online and I will inform you when it gets occupied again


Birdnut said...

The sad reality is, if its mate doesn't arrive in the next week, it probasbly didn't make it.

oriana said...

I don't like to see the empty nest :-(
time has passed too much. perhaps in this year there will be no small swifts
I am sorry it. have waited for the whole winter to see to return them!

Peter Middelkoop said...

Well Let's hope that when the rest of the colony returns there will be a pair that finds this nest.

We'll have to wait...