Monday, May 28, 2007

The big brooding has started

It seems that since friday may 25th the birds started brooding their eggs. Common swifts breed for about 20/21 days. Depending on the temperature outside it can take a bit longer. Last year, when it was cold and windy during this period, it took 23 days. So between june 13th and 16th we can expect the young swifts. How many is not easy to predict with thos couple of common swifts. Two years ago there where 2 eggs visible but there appeared 3 chicks. One egg was out of camera sight, deep in the nest. This time I spotted two eggs that are turned regular by one of the parents who keeps them warm. If someone spot three eggs, let me know. In 2006 they had three eggs. Only one young survived the nestperiod and left for Africa. The other two died within a day or ten.

These are rather dull times on the nest. At daytime we will see one bird on the nest and after sunset they will be both on the nest. Cosy together with their eggs. Looked at by many people all over the world. "Big Breeder" so to speak.
Thanks for watching!

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Birdnut said...

Hi, great news about the new egg, I hope they have a good breeding season this year.I think you mean brooding the eggs.