Saturday, May 16, 2009

The first egg

May 16, the first egg was suddenly there. I wonder how many eggs it will be this year.


Jorge Antonio said...

This couple is "weird", they are spleeping when here in Madrid swift are fliying hours ago, and now, "from nothing", they "have one egg", and moreover, they left it alone and cold all day.
Well, anyway, let see :-)

Peter Middelkoop said...

Hi Jorge,

They indeed are "lazy birds" and stay in for a long time of the day.
The fact that the leave the egg cold is not unusual. Swift eggs do'nt get harmed when they left unattended for a while. You will see that in the next two or three days they will lay one or two more eggs and then start keeping them warm. Within 19 or 20 day's after that the young will come out of their eggs