Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here it is again!

Saturday evening, may 2th, the first bird arrived at the webcamnest. Cleaning it's feathers and waiting for the things to come. I wonder how long it takes before the second bird arrives.


slo birder said...

great image - amazed to watch swift preening so late into the night --- it's almost 11:00 pm!!!! Go to bed, birdy!
a birder from Belgium

Jorge Antonio said...

I´m not sure if it´s gone to work but anyway, lets try ...

Hi, I´m Jorge, from Spain, thank you very much for your cam, it is now a corner in my computer screen that make me smile all along my boring white collar work.

My only problem is that i really don´t now when it´s live stream or a recorded one.

IMHO would be good a time/day display in the stream.

Anyway, again, thank you very much :-)

Peter Middelkoop said...

Hi Jorge,

I try to be online all day but sometimes the technic's fail.
When it's live it shows a small ustream logo in the upper right corner of the webcam image that says. "ustream live". And also there is the a message "x viewers/broadcasting live"

I hope this helps.


Peter Middelkoop said...

Hi Slo Birder,
Thanks for your visits. I can't tell if you're french or flemish but in case: there is a dutch version of my blog.

Since the second bird arrived there will be even less sleeping...